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Removes Fence Posts and Concrete Footings in Oklahoma City, OK

Big Red Post Puller

What does a person do when that old worn out fence becomes an eyesore?  Most will spend hours of backbreaking, labor-intensive work trying to dig out the old concrete bound fence post. The Big Red Post Puller removes fence posts and concrete footings in Oklahoma City, OK. Our Big Red Post Puller will remove fence posts quickly saving you time and money. Contact us today for information on our services!  

Tried & Tested 

 Our Big Red Post Puller has been tried and tested in the field and has proven itself to be invaluable to homeowners and those in the fencing industry. Fencing contractors will save hundreds of man hours and dollars by using this innovative tool to cut the job time in half while the homeowner will also benefit from it's fast and easy to use operation. Once the old post has been removed you now have the existing hole ready to replace with a new post.  While others try to imitate there is no comparison to the patented, original Big Red Post Puller!

The Facts


  • Saves time and labor for the professionals

  • Pulls a post quickly

  • Fast one man operation

  • Works as a dolly to haul away post and concrete

  • Saves the post for reuse

  • Pulls post and footing without creating a larger hole

  • No more worrying about underground hazards when digging new holes

  • Comes with high test chain and grab hook

  • Farm jack comes off to multitask for many other uses

  • Works on steel or wood

  • Comes with screw adaptor for broke off wooden post

  • Works wet or dry without causing damage to the lawn

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