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Fence Post Remover 

Saving time and labor for a professional job.
Choose Tysons Inc. when you’re looking for a fence post remover. Our big red post puller that is guaranteed to get the job done. Works in wet or dry conditions without disturbing the area around it leaving you to have a hole for the new post right where you need it. Contact us now for more information!
Pulls up to 16"round and 36" deep footing
Fence Post Remover in Oklahoma City, Ok

Heavy built and made to last this fence post puller won't wear you out while hauling it around at a light weight of 115 pounds.

Fast and easy to break down as well as easy to store. 

 Fast one-man operation pulls the post and footing up to 16" round and 36" deep No need for digging new holes.


No more worrying about underground hazards
Fence Post Hauler in Oklahoma City, Ok

Our fence post puller removes wood, steel, t-post or anything you can get the chain around.

Will pull post and footing without the worry of cutting off the old post and digging a new hole. 

This also helps to prevent hitting live wires that can be very costly as well as deadly.

The jack comes off and can be used for many other jobs and is easily found all over the US for replacement without having to order special made, expensive parts.


Made of heavy solid steel construction. The Big Red Post Puller is made here in the USA. 

Weight of 115lbs

Dimensions 30" X 28" X 65 1/2"

Flat Free Tires

Comes with a Hi-Lift HL-484 jack

Everything you need to get the job done fast and easy in this all in one tool

Shipped pre-assembled anywhere in the US or Canada 

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